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The following is a short piece from a work in progress. This is a scene I pulled from my next novel and (hopefully) turned it into a short story.

Nightly Traipsing

By Beem Weeks

There might’ve been a dream. Or maybe not. Violet Glass really couldn’t recall. Probably, though. A dream concerning some stupid boy—or even a girl.


Can’t control what creeps through your sleep.

Her body stirred awake as the blackest part of night splashed its inky resolve across that part of Alabama.

Violet stared at the ceiling, tried like the dickens to recall a face, perhaps a voice—anything belonging to the one responsible for this latest agitation.

Nothing came through, though.

Even dead of night did little to lay low that sticky heat. Old-timers in town swore oaths affirming this, the summer of 1910, to be more oppressive than any other summer since before the war…

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My Experience With Ingram Spark

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Hey, everybody! I’ve seen a lot of people asking about which publishing company to go with, so I thought I would share my experience with Ingram Spark! Let’s dive right in!


The print quality for my books was fantastic. I couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. There were many options for how to print books as well, which really helped me pick the best fit for OUTLIERS. The print quality was a huge part of why I used Ingram Spark, and I was not disappointed.


I also liked that they have a good reputation, their strict quality standards and procedures have really given them a better name in the publishing industry.

They also offer hardback versions of books, which I haven’t made yet, but I hope to. I’m planning on making some “Limited Edition” versions of OUTLIERS in the future as hard-covers, so I’m glad I…

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