Lady Rougepen Presents: Vocabulary Bundles

A perfectly pleasant plethora to peruse and portion to others. Thank you, Sean.


IMG_4192Surfeit – an excessive amount

Example: The prom dress had a surfeit of ruffles.

Puerile – ridiculous or immature

Example: Susan broke up with John, due to his habit of puerile practical jokes.

Legerdemain – a beguiling sleight of hand

Example: The magician’s legerdemain had us believing that he pulled a dove from of a scarf.

Promulgate – to make an idea widely known, or believable

Example: An old wives’ take promulgates that people catch colds from drafts, but science proves it’s really because of a virus.

Grandiloquent– a colorful style of speaking that can be pretentious

Example: Many people were fooled by the con man’s grandiloquent promises, and thus he bilked them out of their life savings.

What are some of your favorite words that are not commonly used? Let’s have a grammar gab!


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