Storyboard Your Novel


Writers need every tool possible in their repertoire. Brainstormingand mind mapping are two powerful ones. Storyboarding is another. A storyboard is the compact, visual telling of a story. The idea of storyboards comes from the film industry. Each block on the board represents a scene or event. A drawing or photograph that captures the essence of the scene is placed in each space with minimal summary text.

Screenwriters rely on storyboards to plan out the order of their scenes and make sure the crux moments fall in the right locations.

Why Should Writers Use Storyboards?

Writers can also benefit from planning out their story using this visual tool. Storyboards are a quick, fluid way to plan a novel. It is a way to see how your story events flow together, how they match up with the plotting template you choose to use, and where there are plot holes.


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Mind Mapping Your Story Ideas


Are you a visual person? Do you hate outlining? Then mind mapping is for you. It is also a powerful tool for any writer.

A mind map is a visual representation of connected ideas. This makes it perfect for playing with different elements of a story and discovering relationships you might otherwise have missed.

The mind mapping methodology was developed by Tony Buzan and can be used in all fields of endeavor. To learn more about mind mapping basics, check out this video How to Mind Map with Tony Buzan.

Why Mind Map

Mind Maps have been shown to be an effective tool in many fields of study and with people of all ages and educational levels. Research studies, such as this one, Mind Mapping and Students’ Writing Performance, demonstrate that this tool is especially effective when used during prewriting.

Mind maps:

  • Increase concentration
  • Enhance creativity
  • Lead to better…

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Ani’s Advent 2020! The Visit

The Small Dog

Dear Santa…

This year is all a bit weird. This coronavirus malarkey is upsetting everyone and keeping them apart, especially when they want and need to be together. I’m pretty sure, if you could manage it, taking the bug away would go down better than delivering present this year. I mean, look at all the wonderful things we are missing…

Much love,

Ani xxx

dawn 001

‘Twas a fortnight till Christmas
And all through the flat
Not a creature was stirring
She’s glad about that…

She’d had quite enough
Throwing balls for the day
And had told me concisely
To put them away.

The birds in the garden
All slept for the night,
(I’d sorted the pigeons…
They’d put up a fight)

The fish had been fed
And now hid in the weed,
I snored on the sofa,
She curled up to read.

Then all of a sudden
A knock on the…

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Observations From A Phone Book

The Indie Spot!

Phone Book Pic

I enjoy going to garage sales. These are great places to find deals on such things as music CDs, books, electronic, DVDs, and phone books.

That’s right, I said phone books! I bought a phone directory for a quarter just a few weeks ago. I know! I can hear you saying, “What an idiot! Why would anybody pay even a quarter for a phone book?” But this isn’t just any phone book we’re talking about. This is a genuine March 1965 phone directory for Lansing, Michigan, USA.

This little piece of history offers a glimpse into the past. A walk through the Yellow Pages presents a list of restaurants that no longer exist in my home town, hotels that have disappeared, and service stations that no longer offer full-service care.

What’s really fascinating is finding the address of some long-closed business and matching it up with what exists in that…

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