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I was at work when my mother called to tell me that dad had been rushed to the hospital the night before, suffering from excruciating pain in his abdomen.

Dad had been diagnosed with prostate cancer about fifteen years earlier and it had spread to other parts of his body, but he had been doing fairly well so there was no reason to anticipate something like this.

Mom told me that dad had spent quite a bit of time at the hospital while they ran numerous tests to discover the cause of his pain. Long story short, his kidneys were failing and there was nothing that could be done. He was sent home with a hospice nurse, so that he could be with his family in comfortable surroundings when the end came.

We rented a hospital bed and put it next to the front…

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The Watch #RWISA Write Showcase Tour #RRBC – Laura Libricz

Rhani DChae

The Protective Plague

Laura Libricz

* * *

From the Overlord’s house came a quiet but vicious argument. I walked past the stately, tiered structure, decorated with wooden carvings. The other houses circling the town square stood quietly: the midwife’s red wooden house built up on stilts; the ironworkers’ blue housing complex and their adjoining workshop also built on stilts; the dark-brown community building, windows tightly shuttered.
I set my basket down in the middle of the square. The fountain marking the village center bubbled behind me as a mouse scurried around its stone base. The door of the Overlord’s house slammed open and he appeared on the top step. A woman’s sobs came from inside the house. He raised his nose to the sky and sniffed at the air, his black, wiry hair standing on end. He approached the fountain, his black woolen cape fluttering behind him.
“The weather…

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First Monday Mentoring November 2018 – gifts writers can give themselves


With the festive season racing upon us, the question I was asked recently is very timely. I was in Canberra recently presenting a workshop on rebooting your romance writing when one of the group asked me what are the best gifts to give a writer.

I had to think for a while, considering all the usual suspects from coffee mugs to stationery and not surprisingly, chocolate. All would be welcomed by writers, but they aren’t the gifts I decided to write about. For the most part these gifts cost almost nothing.

Failing this…

For me the best gift you can give yourself – or another writer in your life – is time. It’s astonishing how easily we find time for everybody else’s needs, yet invariably put our own need for time last. But how can we write if we don’t allow ourselves time?

We need time, not only to do…

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Giving Alma Mater a Boost©

Tales From the Fourth Dementia

          A light flashed on Camden Manuel’s huge mahogany desk in an office in a building on Wall Street.
          “Yes, Fay,” he said
          “There’s a Dean Ima Farseer on the line. From a community college.”
          “I’ll take it.  Put her through.”
          “Dean Farseer, what a pleasant surprise. Are you in New York?”
          “No, Camden, I’m back here in Letongaloosa.  Thanks for taking my call.”
          “It’s always a pleasure.  How are the Leopards doing this season?”
          “Not well, as usual. But they keep trying.”
          “That’s the important thing.”
          “I suppose.”
        “Is there something I can do to help?”
          “Not  with the football team, Camden, but perhaps something else.”
          “I’ll be happy to try to help. What’s the problem?”
          “We have a money problem.”
          “How much do you need?”

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