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It would not be entirely correct to say that, for some decades now, my “day job” has been as an editor. To say “day job” means that it’s significantly less important than my chosen vocation, writer, and is only there to pay the bills while I toil in secret on the Great American Novel. What’s inaccurate about that, for me, is that I love being an editor. In fact, my own attempts at writing have largely fallen away, and not because I was somehow driven out of the business, or anything like that. I spend most of my time as an editor and what frustrates me at the end of a week or month—or year—isn’t that I’ve spent too much time editing and not enough time writing, but that I’ve spent too much time on petty life distractions and not enough time editing and writing.

This week, I’d like to…

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Goodreads Updates Requiring Your Action by Sept. 1st (July 5th for some items)…

Very Important! I didn’t get an email from Goodreads! Did you?

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Just received the following email from Goodreads, so just in case anyone missed it, or didn’t get their email, please take note and action as soon as possible(Note: some facilities will cease on 5th July):

Hello Chris,

As part of our commitment to improving Goodreads, we are phasing out a number of features in order to focus on the ones our members use most. As you are someone who has used one or more of these features, we are offering you the option to save your content by downloading it before Sept. 1, 2022. Please note that you will be unable to download your content after this date.

Questions? Visit our help center.We will be phasing out the following for which our records show you’ve added content:

Favorite authors
We are simplifying how you can stay updated on authors whose books you love. We will be…

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