PLAGIARISM FIXER: Top 3+ Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers in 2022 – by Janice Wald…

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on Mostly Blogging:

Do you need a plagiarism fixer?

For many writers and bloggers, the issue of plagiarism remains paramount. Because of the weight, it carries on search engine results pages, this is a crucial factor in your blog’s overall success.

As a blogger, it is important to be aware of plagiarism and how to avoid it and the only smart solution to avoid plagiarism is through the use of a plagiarism checker.

The worst repercussions of plagiarizing can be avoided with the help of the best plagiarism checkers. But, how can you pick the best plagiarism checker from hundreds of tools available online?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! With this guide, ethical blogging is a reality.

In this blog post, we will discuss what plagiarism is, as well as three tools that can help you check for plagiarism in your content.

By reading this article, you get…

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Don’t Fall for These 5 Writing Myths That Can Set Back Your Writing – by Joni B. Cole…

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on Jane Friedman site:

I’ve been leading writing workshops for over 20 years and am still gobsmacked by how stubbornly writers cling to certain myths that suck up a lot of emotional energy, and reinforce practices that undermine the creative process.

If you buy into any of the myths below, let them go, and see how quickly you’ll write more, write better, and even be happier (because what writer isn’t happier when writing more and writing better).

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How To Write A Book On Google Docs – by Sarah Rexford…

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on Self Publishing:

Google docs is a great resource that can aid you in your writing goals. Not only is it a free writing platform, but it allows you to share your work in real-time with others, invites their feedback via comments, and saves you the effort of sending multiple drafts via email.

If you’ve only written your drafts via Microsoft Word, Pages, or some other offline format, learning Google docs will be a quick, added bonus for you. This platform is easy to use, has pros that offline formats do not, and is regularly used by writers around the world.

In this article, you’ll learn how to write a book on Google docs.

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Can You Publish A Kindle Ebook In Color? Yes, You Can – by Derek Haines…

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on Just Publishing Advice:

You can publish an ebook in color with any self-publishing service.

But because Kindle reading devices only render in black and white and grayscale, many authors overlook the idea when publishing with Amazon KDP.

It’s a missed opportunity as there are many more ebook reading devices besides Kindles.

All authors try to ensure their book covers are attractive to readers. But why stop there?

In This Article

Why publish an ebook with some color?

How to add colored elements to an ebook

Changing the look of an ebook

Quick text enhancements

Why color can improve an ebook


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