The Business Side of the Business, part 2: Inventory #writerlife

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

The pandemic will end someday. Whether you are traditionally published or indie, if you intend to make personal appearances at local bookstores, fairs, or conventions, you will have an inventory of books on hand to manage and account for at the end of the year. This can be quite a headache if you have more than one or two books to cart around with you.

Its a BusinessBut more importantly, even if you are traditionally published, you pay for the books you sell at shows. 

The good businessperson has a spreadsheet of some sort to account for this side of the business, as it will be part of your annual business tax report. An excellent method for assembling the information you will generate for your tax report is discussed the previous post, The Business Sequence for Writers. Ellen King Rice has given us a great framework for keeping our business records…

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  1. conniejjasperson · January 19

    ❤ Thank you ❤


    • Mark Schultz · January 19

      You are very welcome. I also shared this on LinkedIn, my business Facebook page and my website page Highly Regarded Blogs. How many installments do you plan for?

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      • conniejjasperson · January 19

        This is the end of the bookkeeping and accounting segment. Next month Ellen is going to discuss ads and keywords, what she has discovered that works for her. Thank you for asking!


      • Mark Schultz · January 19


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