Ease Editing with Microsoft Word’s Table of Contents Feature

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Shannon Ferretti

Editing long documents can be a nightmare. As writers, it’s exciting to see your work in progress grow, but daunting when it comes to revisions.

One way to ease those editing pains is to use Headings and a Table of Contents to organize your work into sections, whether those are chapters or something more tailored to your work. Microsoft Word makes this extremely easy to do, and easy to update your Table of Contents once you move Chapter 2 after Chapter 4.

Here’s the step-by-step:

Set the Heading Styling

Write the text of your section heading (or chapter title), then highlight the text and select the desired heading in the top ribbon.

Set the Heading Type in the top ribbon

Note that styles can be customized, and that Word is fairly logical; Heading 2 will be automatically considered a sub-category of Heading 1, etc.

Add Page Numbers for Easy Reference

If you…

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