Write What You Know? Not Always!

Story Empire

Greetings, SE’ers! Beem Weeks here with you again. Today, I am going to share some brief thoughts on writing those things in which the author may not believe—or even agree with.

Woman with question mark on blackboard

Can we, as authors, write about those things in which we don’t believe? I honestly never gave much thought to such a notion—until a young woman questioned me about the subject of reincarnation. For the record, I do not believe we will come back into this world as another person or animal or insect or tree after we die.

So, what exactly prompted such a line of questioning? The woman asking had recently read a story I wrote entitled The Distance. It’s a short piece of fiction about a middle-aged man named Richard Metzger coming face to face with a blond-headed five-year-old boy who may or may not be the reincarnation of his younger brother. I left the…

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