How to Use Prologues, Part 3, Prologue Dos and Don’ts

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open book with sketch of 3D pirate and treasure on the left and a sailing ship on the right.
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Hi SErs! It’s a day of Harmony here at Story Empire 🙂 Today, I’d like to talk about prologue dos and don’ts. Here’s a link to the previous post on What A Prologue Is and Isn’t

One of the reasons prologues have fallen into ill repute in recent times is because far too many authors make a mess of them. They use prologues as a crutch for a weak story beginning or to dump backstory and/or information, which tells rather than shows. In short, such authors do not know how to use a prologue.

Prologue Dos:

  1. Use a prologue to cover a time gap in your narrative … either in the past or in the present
  2. Use a prologue to cover a vital element of backstory that needs to come before your main narrative opens
  3. Use a prologue to show a key event…

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  1. harmonykentonline · July 3

    Thanks for sharing, Mark. Have a lovely day 💕🙂


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