Storyboard Your Novel


Writers need every tool possible in their repertoire. Brainstormingand mind mapping are two powerful ones. Storyboarding is another. A storyboard is the compact, visual telling of a story. The idea of storyboards comes from the film industry. Each block on the board represents a scene or event. A drawing or photograph that captures the essence of the scene is placed in each space with minimal summary text.

Screenwriters rely on storyboards to plan out the order of their scenes and make sure the crux moments fall in the right locations.

Why Should Writers Use Storyboards?

Writers can also benefit from planning out their story using this visual tool. Storyboards are a quick, fluid way to plan a novel. It is a way to see how your story events flow together, how they match up with the plotting template you choose to use, and where there are plot holes.


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