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on Self Publishing Formula:

Self-publishing books for profit isn’t easy. To do well, not only must you write and produce spectacular books but also distribute and market them. There are hundreds of micro tasks involved which, traditionally, large publishers delegated to teams of experts, each member responsible for their own specialism. As an indie author, however, you’re expected to become competent enough at every task either to do them yourself or guide freelancers.

The complexity gets on top of us all occasionally, especially when we’re bombarded with new information and made to feel like we’re constantly dropping the ball in some area. Have you investigated translation deals? Selling wide? Patreon? Selling direct? YouTube? Radish? Just thinking about it all is exhausting!

That’s why, when you’re overwhelmed, it pays to remember that Amazon alone makes up a significant chunk of many authors’ incomes. Optimising your presence on that one vendor is…

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