Why Writers Need Both Magical & Messy Moments #writers

The creative process for producing any kind of art is both magical and messy.

Your art will sometimes surprise and delight you and other times it will cause mess, confusion and creative suffering.

I used to actively avoid messy writing moments. As a fresh-faced newbie writer I would shelve a story at the first sign of mess and start again with a shiny new one. For me writing was all about the magical writing moments. Sigh – the things we do when we are busy chasing perfection!

Magical writing moments are great, although at times they can feel elusive. These golden moments where we feel on top of our writing game or on the receiving end of some glowing praise give us a much-needed boost.

I’m sure you know the Buddhist quote saying; no mud, no lotus.

The beautiful lotus grows out from the muck and mud at the…

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