The Bag of Marbles

Story Empire

Hi, Gang! Craig with you again, and it’s time to manipulate one of my old parenting lessons into a writing post. This involves advice to my children, which they hated, but still seems to bear some merit.

A few years ago I posted about the Plate of Peas approach to story. It was a moderate success, so I’m trying something similar called the Bag of Marbles.

For those who aren’t old enough, marbles is an ancient gambling game involving little spheres. They were like currency for kids and we played for keeps. I used to keep my winnings in about seven old plastic Purex bleach bottles, only taking a small leather bag of marbles to school.

Enough of the history. I equated the marbles to life skills for my kids. This was another groaner from them, but the idea was that every time you learned a new skill you got…

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