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In 2019 I posted a series on the subject of book marketing.. which is available as a pdf if you would like to read the whole series. (Email me at I follow every author in the Cafe on Twitter if they have an account, and I always tag them in posts when I promote.This tweet which includes the tag for an author, is distributed to my 31,000 followers on Twitter which is often retweeted by them onwards.

I do a regular analysis of my own traffic statistics and whilst the majority of blog views is driven by WordPress reader, the next most effective referrer is Twitter.

I am also on Facebook, but as far as book marketing is concerned it is the groups that you belong to which drive book traffic, not the personal timelines.

With that in mind, and understanding how bewildering it can be when marketing your…

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Bashing the Myths of Social Media in 2021 – by Judith Briles…

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on The Book Designer:

This year has thrown EVERYONE online. I like many, have Zoomitis … from daybreak to shut down, it’s nonstop. There are times I will say, “Pick up the phone. You are in California, I’m in Colorado. Let’s sit outside with a drink and just talk and catch up.”

Zoom isn’t going away. But like all things, do you … me … need to be on camera all the time?


And it’s the same with social media. It’s here. It’s a Town Hall format and should be used.

With constraints.

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Ever thought about writing commercial fiction? A free competition for unpublished writers of colour


THIS IS EXCITING – a potentially life-changing competition exclusively for un-agented, unpublished writers of colour. The winner will receive a two-book publishing contract from Avon with an advance against royalties of £10,000 (£5,000 per book), an additional £3,000 grant to support their writing, and representation fromMushens Entertainment.

Photo credit: Steve Johnson from Pixabay

Your novel doesn’t have to be complete.
Work in Progress is absolutely fine as long as you can submit the first three chapters or 50 pages of your unpublished novel (up to 10,000 words) during the submissions window which runs between 11thJanuary-28thFebruary 2021.

In fact the organisers – who are part of the giant HarperCollins publishing house – say:

...the competition is intended not only for writers with finished manuscripts but those who might not have previously considered commercial fiction.

Photo credit: Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

What is commercial fiction?

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