Seek First

Seeking Purpose Today

We pour deeply from our cups into the known of a civilization that “rewards” us for such diligent perspirations towards a better civilization, with more tools to build a bigger more powerful civilization. To what end does this constant work, this constant pouring of ourselves ever return in a true fulfillment of our most humble desire.

I continue to seek in all that I do, on some levels we are all seeking. What we seek will and does determine the level of our fulfillment in this life.

Those that seek power find a never quenched thirst for more power.

Those that seek money find a bottomless pit of desire for more money.

Those that seek happiness find a perversion of happiness in pleasurable things, until they rot from with in.

Rumi says, “What you are seeking, is seeking you.” I know this because its a magnet on my moms refrigerator…

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