Lady Rougepen Says: Learn Va-Va-Va-Voom Victorian Vocabulary

I love this stuff also, thanks for sharing it.



Break out your bonnet! It’s time to learn some some phrases from an era when Queen Victoria ruled England, and things were chaste, but interesting.

Butter up the bacon – a statement of excess. An alternate phrase is “over-egging the pudding.”

Cop a mouse – get a black eye

Gigglemug – a face, always on the verge of smiling or laughter

Got the morbs  – feeling blue or depressed, as in “morbid.”

Make a stuffed bird laugh – so ridiculous, cheesy.

Cat-lap – a weak drink, as in it’s too “soft.”

Other interesting history from this era:

The terms “light” or “dark” meat, to describe chicken, came about in the 1890s to replace the “obscene” words chicken “breasts” and “thighs.”

Cupid was a buffed, Adonis-type figure. The Victorians replaced it with a sweet chubby baby, devoid of any sexuality.

I personally love the Victorian era’s class, when it wasn’t being…

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