Lady Rougepen Says: Fade to Black



In honor or Black Lives Matter, I thought Lady Rougepen should do some Ebonic (aka Black American English or African American Vernacular English) colloquialisms:

imagePut your foot in it – referring to delicious food. “Mmm-mmm. Candace really put her foot in that sweet potato pie!”

Trifling – a bum; lazy; worthless. “Rodney is so trifling that he always asks for rides, but never offers to pay for gas.”

Just a squirrel, trying to get a nut – struggling; just trying to make ends meet; fighting to survive. “Nathan didn’t realize how expensive things were until he moved out of his parents’ home. Now, he’s just a squirrel, trying to get a nut.”

Split your wig – a violent act, literally meaning to bust open your head. “Scott fell off his bike, and needed stitches. He nearly split his wig!”

See the receipts – show me the proof. “My son…

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