Happy Birthday, Emily Dickinson!

Thanks for sharing about her birthday.


37009933_905060739673822_4930974552931958784_nHappy birthday, Emily! The poet was born on this day, December 10, in 1830.

I have recently gotten into the comedy/drama about Emily Dickinson, Dickinson, on Apple TV. It starts with Emily as a teenager, but showcases her life with modern vernacular. It’s an interesting and humorous take on an eccentric writer who had a penchant for white dresses, solitude, and writing poems on wrapping paper.

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I was introduced to Emily Dickinson by way of 10th-grade English class. Her poem If YouWere Coming in the Fall grabbed me, and never let go. I can still recite it from memory if you woke me up at 3am, and asked me to.

I especially like Emily’s “dry rhyme.” That’s rhyming that isn’t as sing-song as traditional rhyme. For example, many poets pair words such as, “day/way, lay/say, right/sight.” Ms. Dickinson would pair words together, like “day/why, bother/utter, green/seem.” You get…

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