Flash Fiction: Do Not Disturb

Cute story, I enjoyed it.



Do Not Disturb

By Sean C. Wright Neeley

I thought my people loved me. I gave my last speech in the communal relief-carved temple, and they cheered. My guards flanked me, as we walked back to my royal chambers. I recall the desert sun beating down on my bald head, and the sandal on my clubbed foot, dragging through the blazing sand. I wasn’t hungry, come evening. Maybe my upset stomach was foreboding of something horrible? I refused the roasted bird, fruits, and vegetables on the banquet table, and only sipped beer from an ornate bowl. I then prepared for bed. As I sat at my dressing table, removing the kohl from my eyes, someone struck me from behind. Gone; just like that, at about nineteen years of age. Was it a treasonous guard? A family member? I know not. I loved my people. Why didn’t they love me back?

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