How to Set Writing Goals for the New Year (And Actually Follow Through)

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Hey, everybody! New Year’s is only a couple days away and that means resolutions! Most of us make them,  but how can we actually stick to our writing goals? Here’s some tips!

#1: Be Specific With Your Goals

You don’t just want to say, “I’ll get lots of writing done this year.” That sounds like one giant goal (which will make your brain go “nope!”) and it’s pretty hard to tell when it’s complete. Wouldn’t want it to blow up in your face.


Instead, think more along the lines of, “I’ll write 250 words everyday this year.” This gives you smaller tasks to do everyday, rather than one big, looming goal that seems impossible.

It doesn’t have to be based on word count, either. Maybe you’ll do a goal like, “I’ll get four chapters done per month,” and make a list/schedule for yourself describing how you’ll accomplish it. Just make…

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