Giving Alma Mater a Boost©

Tales From the Fourth Dementia

          A light flashed on Camden Manuel’s huge mahogany desk in an office in a building on Wall Street.
          “Yes, Fay,” he said
          “There’s a Dean Ima Farseer on the line. From a community college.”
          “I’ll take it.  Put her through.”
          “Dean Farseer, what a pleasant surprise. Are you in New York?”
          “No, Camden, I’m back here in Letongaloosa.  Thanks for taking my call.”
          “It’s always a pleasure.  How are the Leopards doing this season?”
          “Not well, as usual. But they keep trying.”
          “That’s the important thing.”
          “I suppose.”
        “Is there something I can do to help?”
          “Not  with the football team, Camden, but perhaps something else.”
          “I’ll be happy to try to help. What’s the problem?”
          “We have a money problem.”
          “How much do you need?”

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