The Power of Eleven and One Chance to Get It Right!

We are going to examine the -EST words with four letters.


Because, by simply typing the first letter wrong of any of these words, you might create a hidden spelling error. These are all words that are already in your spellchecker, therefore this misplaced word will not be flagged by your computer. Other people will likely see it and your work of perfection is marred.

We do not want that to happen to you. Word Refiner is here to help.

Onto our Evil Eleven!

Best that which is ultimate or highly favored. We have our best friends, foods, movies and more.

Fest is an abbreviation of festival, it’s also an event or a show with a designated focus, like a chocolate fest.

Gest this is a little obscure, perhaps; a story of adventures and heroic exploits.  As writers, we love obscure words, don’t we?

Jest this is a joke or humorous story. Mrs. Word Refiner’s favorite joke:

What did the fish say when she hit the wall?         Dam!

Lest this is an odd word because it is usually used in a situation where fear is a component: He drove slowly lest he get a speeding ticket.

Nest a dwelling place built by birds and other animals.

Rest what we like to do after working hard on a blog or a book.

Test Something people in school are required to take as a measure of their knowledge.  In reality, we all have tests everyday of many different kinds.

Vest an article of clothing worn over a shirt, and sometimes under a jacket as well.

West one of the four points on a compass, also a reference to unlimited opportunity in the famous phrase: go west young man.

Zest a passion for life and adventure, also a cooking term for a hint of flavor added with a piece of citrus peel.

There you are, eleven words that can give you grief unless you exercise great care.  Word refiner exists to help you with this, spelling is our specialty.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this issue of Typos Hurt Your Writing.  Follow me on twitter: @wordrefiner, for more information about hazardous homophones search for #HomophonesHurtYourWriting or #TyposHurtYourWriting on Twitter.
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Words have meaning and spelling makes a difference

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  1. hlgibsonauthor · March 16, 2018

    B and G are where I make my typos, but I don’t *think* I’ve made that mistake with these particular words. When I use lest, people act as if it’s too stuffy, archaic, old-fashioned, or some other such nonsense. I never take it out of my writing because I hate to see great words go by the wayside. Of course, I try to match words with prose and dialog that are appropriate, but in the end, the decision is mine as the writer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hyper-Speller · March 16, 2018

      Different people have different tripping hazards on the keyboard. My fumble fingers mess up on R and T, S and D, and A and S. For the last month I have been typing authour when I meant author. I cannot explain that one at all! Thanks for dropping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. brainclutterblogs · March 23, 2018

    Great post! I find this is my biggest problem with auto-correct 🙂


    • Hyper-Speller · March 23, 2018

      Thank you, it’s a serious problem for many of us and source of entertainment or embarrassment occasionally.


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